Gaining Perspective on the Election Results: Too Soon?

Gaining Perspective on the Election Results: Too Soon?

Waking Up to Find Our Nightmares are Real

The election is over, the majority have spoken, and the forty-fifth president of the United States has been chosen. The election of Donald Trump left almost half of the electorate stunned, deflated, and waking up this morning to find that their nightmares are real.

As I am among that number, I am writing this blog in an attempt to clear my brain, process my feelings, and put the election in perspective. It’s probably too soon to do that, but until I make at least an attempt, I won’t be able to focus on my Na-No-Wri-Mo goal of writing 50,000 words before November 30.

I invite anyone who reads this blog to offer advice or consolation in the comment section provided below. I especially welcome those who found reason to vote for Donald Trump, to weigh in on the positive outcomes you expect the country to derive from this choice. Your words may serve to console those of us who just didn’t see it that way.

Love Harder, Speak More Kindly, Hold All of America’s People Closer

As I was checking my Facebook account this morning for friends with whom to commiserate, I came across a post from my daughter-in-law, Reagan. Her words described the way I was feeling as well as the actions that I hope I will take moving forward.

As I tucked my son in bed last night, I tried to calm his fears by saying things such as, “No matter what the outcome of this election, we will wake up in the morning and continue to go to work, school just like we always have. We will continue to hold each other close and find peace with the outcome.”

But as I sit here now, my hope faded, I realize that is not true at all. We will not continue as we always have, nor should we. Instead, we must vow to each other to love harder, speak more kindly, and hold all of America’s people closer. For that is the only way that we may find peace with this outcome. #pleaseletlovestillwin

As Always, I Pray for Our Country and Its Leaders

Scrolling further down the posts, I discovered one from my cousin Beth, who, again, put into words the thoughts and reservations I share.

The Republicans now have the sole responsibility for addressing the problems of our nation. It is a grave and burdensome one…..with nowhere to turn for blame if their solutions fail. I, for one, have always thought it healthier to have some sort of push and pull between the branches of government.

Perhaps the Senate minority will have enough leverage to accomplish this, but I hope they are not of a mindset to be obstructionist – although I couldn’t deny the temptation since that was the tactic in 2008.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here. I have this strange feeling that we just became part of a Mad Max movie and I am fearful – of the rise of the Alt-right’s influence; of an emboldened Russia; of a ballooning deficit; of the uncertain future of our attempts to isolate and destroy Isis; of a withdrawal from our commitments to our allies; of my own financial future should we slip into recession again. But, I am willing to set these concerns aside until and unless I see that they should be realized

As always, I pray for our country and its leaders.

Disheartening that Hillary Could Not Be the One to Finally Shatter the Glass Ceiling

The election results are disturbing to me on so many levels, not the least of which is the misogynistic implication of the rejection of the most qualified woman ever to seek the office of president, in favor of a white male narcissist with no experience in governing and a temperament ill-suited for leadership.

It’s disheartening to realize that, after surviving one of the most vitriolic campaigns in modern history, Hillary could not be the one to finally shatter the glass ceiling for women by winning the presidency and earning the right to lead the American people in the direction of inclusivity and equality for all of our citizens.

Postponement and Missed Opportunities…The Hallmark of Movements for Change

But postponement and missed opportunities have historically been the hallmark of movements for change in our country. The Civil Rights movement, the Suffrage movement, and the LGBTQ movement are cases in point.

Hillary Clinton fought the good fight. Her name will henceforth be associated with women like Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul, who were instrumental in the ultimate passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

Hillary stood on their shoulders to chip away at the glass ceiling and nearly succeeded by winning almost half of the popular vote in the election that ultimately put Donald Trump in office. (See Dancing Backwards in High Heels,Themes of Strong Women and-empowerment)

In the Fullness of Time the Ceiling Will Shatter

It didn’t happen this year, but in the fullness of time, another woman will stand on Hillary’s shoulders and shatter that ceiling once and for all.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for adding another step to the ladder of access, and for demonstrating to our daughters and granddaughters the true grit of a strong and determined woman.

Okay, I got that off my chest. Now I’m going to see if I can make my goal of 1667 words for Na-No-Wri-Mo today.

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  • Barbara Kerr
    Posted on 09 November 2016 Reply

    Thank you–and your daughter-in-law and your cousin–for these comments. As long as we have calm and reasonable people able to respond in this way, I have great hope for not only our nation but for the world’s people. May our disappointment serve to lead us to renew our efforts to spread compassionate action wherever people (and animals, and the Earth) are suffering.

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