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Katherine P. Stillerman

Kathy Stillerman is the author of Hattie’s Place and two other historical novels in the Barton Family series, In the Fullness of Time and Over the Mountain. Stillerman has also published a memoir, Retirement: A Journey not a Destination.

“My love of Southern literature and background as a teacher of American history, drew me to the genre of historical fiction.”

“My grandmother was a strong and independent woman whom I loved and admired as a role model. I wanted to write a story based loosely on her life. “


Author Profile:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Strong female protagonists
  • Character-driven stories
  • Hopeful in tone
  • Themes of love, inclusiveness, loyalty, friendship, and reconciliation

The Barton Family

historical fiction series

Hattie's Place by Kathy Stillerman Book Cover
Hattie’s Place

Hattie’s Place, is a coming of age story, set in rural South Carolina in 1906. The main character, Hattie Robinson, is a first year teacher boarding in the home of a wealthy businessman. Hattie must find her place in her new school and community, while recovering from a broken engagement.

Cover of In the Fullness of Time|Katherine P. Stillerman|Historical Fiction

In the Fullness of Time begins in 1913. Hattie is now a married woman, struggling to reconcile her responsibilities as a wife and mother with her passion for women’s suffrage.

“Women from wealthy and prominent families led the suffrage movement in South Carolina. I imagine if my grandmother had grown up in one of those families, she’d have been an outspoken suffragist.”

Over the Mountain by Katherine Stillerman Book Cover

Over the Mountain is set in the sixties, during the Cold War and civil rights era. The main character is Harriet Oechsner, Hattie’s granddaughter. Harriet must make new friends and adjust to a new school when the family relocates to Mountain Brook, Alabama–their third move in as many years!

For the Love of Writing

When Kathy retired from public school teaching and administration, she began a second career as a writer. She created a blog, For the Love of Writing, to share her writing journey, and to connect with other authors and book lovers. Kathy welcomes input from readers and is always anxious to know how she can improve her content!

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If you like historical fiction about ordinary women who do extraordinary things, you’ll love my books!