Whole30 Diary: Day 7

Whole30 Diary: Day 7

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Whole30 Day 7

I’ve made it through the first week and am beginning to settle into the regimen. Food prep is still time consuming, but I’m learning shortcuts such as cooking two portions at once, and which grocery stores carry the items I need. I’m not as frantic for food as I was a week ago and am satisfied with smaller amounts, which will undoubtedly speed up weight loss.

Products I’ve Used in Creating Tasty Meals and Snacks–All Whole40 Compliant

Organic Valley Ghee (Whole Foods)–This clarified butter has a wonderful taste and stands up to high heats. I use it to cook my eggs for breakfast and to sauté and grill veggies. It is convenient but expensive. I’ll probably experiment with the Whole30 recipe for making my own clarified butter to cut costs.

Image of Organic Valley Ghee


Whole cashews salted or unsalted (Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s)–great for snacks and for flavor in salads.

Image of Whole Cashews from Trader Joe's

Lara bars (Target)–Good carry-along snacks to curb hunger.

Image of Larabar Cashew Cookie

Medjool dates (Costco)–a real staple for me. They are sweet and filling as a snack or to finish off a meal. vitacart_2399_79308850 I also found Sunsweet Pitted Dates at Harris Teeter, but they are not nearly as good.

Whole Catch North Atlantic Sea Scallops (Whole Foods)–These are amazing! They are in the freezer section. Let them thaw in the refrigerator, season with salt, and sauté in clarified butter. I’ve discovered that frozen seafood–especially shellfish–can be better than fresh when you don’t live on the coast. The grocery stores get them frozen and then thaw them. You can’t refreeze them after that. Also, Lowe’s Foods carries North Carolina shrimp, peeled and deveined–both cooked and uncooked–in 1 pound bags in their freezer.

Image of Whole Catch Sea Scallops from Whole Foods

Nature’s All Organic Fair Trade Freeze-Dried Bananas (Whole Foods)

Image of Freeze Dried BananasTrader Joe’s Healthy Chopped Veggies –I throw a handful of these into my salad greens to give a little crunch, or eat them alone with some vinaigrette dressing.  They are really fresh and tasty, like so many of the Trader Joe products. I also use their pre-cooked Brussel sprouts. One advantage to buying at Trader Joe’s is the reasonable prices.


Image of Trader Joe's Chopped Veggies

Day 7 Diary
  • Breakfast–3 eggs fried in clarified butter, mixed berries.
  • Lunch–Scallops cooked in clarified butter; salad from last night, with Whole30 ranch dressing; dates
  • Dinner–Baked chicken with veggies–carrots, onions, and fennel; dates.
  • Got my 10,000 steps on Fitbit
  • Attended my yoga class, which always makes me feel wonderful.

See Whole 30 Day 1 to read more about the program.






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