In the Fullness of Time

In the Fullness of Time


It’s 1913. Hattie Robinson has married the widowed Charles Barton and left teaching to raise Charles’s sons and manage the Barton estate. Now she must reconcile her role as mother and wife with her passion for women’s suffrage.

As Hattie struggles for acceptance in the community and Barton family, Will Kendrick, her first love, appears. Feelings resurface, threatening Hattie’s marriage and casting doubts on Charles’s loyalty.

South Carolina’s reactionary politicians Ben Tillman and “Cotton Ed” Smith thwart suffrage efforts in the state. Even the progressive president Wilson drags his feet, invoking states rights as the only pathway to an amendment.

An automobile trip to join the peace protests in Washington brings fresh perspective, enabling Hattie to resolve misunderstandings with Charles and convincing her to continue her work for suffrage, with her husband’s blessings. However, the road to enfranchisement brings additional setbacks before Hattie casts her first vote in 1920.



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