Off the Grid

Off the Grid

I’ve been off the grid from blogging for the past two months, completing my new novel, In the Fullness of Time. My goal was to get it ready to be evaluated and copy-edited in time to revise and publish early in 2017.

I never feel what I write is ready or finished in the terminal sense. But I usually come to a point where I can’t add to or delete anything from the story that would enhance it, without submitting it to the fresh eyes of an editor.

I reached that point on September 12, and sent the manuscript off to Kirkus Review author services for evaluation ( I’m due to hear back from my editor on October 11.

Depending on the extent of the revisions required, I’ll make those as quickly as I can and return the manuscript for line editing. That usually takes about two weeks. Those revisions made, I’ll send the manuscript back for one last clean-up, which Kirkus will return to me ready for printing.

At that point, I’ll contact Amazon and begin the process of choosing a cover and formatting the book for Kindle and for printing.

In the interim between now and October 11, I am working to make improvements to my blog. I’m trying to incorporate ways to interact with you, my readers, and to encourage more response and dialogue. One way I will do that is to include surveys like the one below.

The survey will be active for one week, so weigh in and let’s see just how “bookish” the readers of this blog are.

I continue to welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope in the next few months to have a new format that will make it easier for anyone visiting this site to navigate through it and to leave replies.

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