Whole30 Program: Let’s Get Fit for the New Year

Whole30 Program: Let’s Get Fit for the New Year

Cover of Whole30 Book|Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig

Fit and Healthy in the New Year

Christmas is over and it’s time to get serious about healthy living again.

How do I know? My cholesterol is up; my joints are aching; and, my wardrobe has been reduced to sweat pants and a nice soft tee shirt to cover all the bulges.

I haven’t gotten up the nerve to step on the scales and assess the damage from my Christmas gluttony yet, but all that is going to end soon.

Come January 1, I’m going on the Whole30 Program. For thirty days, I’m eating only food that’s natural and unprocessed–meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and oils.

Goodbye sugar, dairy, and bread! (Oh, God, did I really write that for all the world to see? Yes, I did and now I’ll have to follow through.)

Watch for Daily Updates!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and on January 31, I’ll post a picture of me eating the biggest bowl of ice cream–no, it won’t be a bowl, I’ll eat it right from the carton.)

Check out the links below if you want to try it. You can buy the book, but there is also plenty of free information and it’s really not necessary.

If you decide to join me, be sure to let me know how you are doing. We can do anything for 30 days, can’t we?




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