Whole30 Diary: Day 23

Whole30 Diary: Day 23


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Whole30Day 23

This blog is gonna’ be short and sweet today. I’m bored with Whole30 and about to go stir crazy here in this house waiting for Bill to make sure all the shifts are covered at Brookridge before he comes home.

When you are in the long term care business as Bill is, every weather event is a potential crisis. We got a good deal of snow in Winston-Salem and after that some mixed snow and sleet. Thank goodness it was not enough to create any major power outages.

  • Breakfast–Eggs fried in clarified butter, bacon, fresh berries.
  • Lunch–Leftover pork chop, leftover French green beans with almonds.
  • Snack--Roasted plantain chips, berries, bacon bits from breakfast, leftover frittata (Feeling really snackie, or is that snacky?)
  • Dinner–grilled salmon, applesauce, dates

Well, since I’m reduced to talking about the weather and my appetite, it’s definitely time to close. I’m hanging in there–only one more week to go on Whole30, but today a month seems like an eternity.

For more information on the program, see Whole30 Day 1.

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