Whole30 Update

Whole30 Update

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Whole30 Update

I finished thirty days of Whole30 a little over a week ago. Since then, I’ve been transitioning back into eating from a wider variety of food groups.

I added dairy first–some yogurt and my favorite ice cream treat–Edy’s single serving, 1/2 the fat Chocolate Mint Chip (180 calories). Next, I added corn, and then I tried a sandwich with reduced fat whole wheat bread. All of those foods seemed to be well-tolerated, and it was really satisfying to choose from a wider range of food.

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

The numbers on my cholesterol test dropped from over 200 to 184 and, as I mentioned before, my blood pressure has dropped as well. The joint pain seems to come and go, but overall, I can detect an improvement. The only disappointing results from following the program was that my weight dropped only two pounds, and that was from my Christmas weight.

I’ve been counting calories and trying to keep my portions of bread and pasta to one or two servings a week. I’m also using whole grains instead of bleached products.

I saw about 3/4 pound come off last week. Then, I maintained that loss after a wonderful weekend in Greenville with my three sisters-in-law from Atlanta.  Our time together revolved around constant conversation over good food and wine. However, we got lots of exercise from walking up and down Main Street to visit the variety of shops and restaurants along the way. That’s how I managed to indulge in rich food and wine and still break even.


Watching Sugar and Carb Intake

I’m still using many of the recipes from the Whole30 book. I continue to build my diet around protein, vegetables, fruit, and fats. Although I’m not considering any foods off limits, I am watching my sugar and carb intake.

I’ve always struggled with weight issues, but I’ve found my greatest success comes when I count calories and exercise daily. My mother’s motto used to be “All things in moderation,” and I think that probably makes the most sense when it comes to food choice.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

For more information on the program, see Whole30 Day 1.


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