Aging in Place: Part II

Aging in Place: Part II

The Stump is Finally Gone


Picture of Stump being removed

Yesterday we hit a mile marker in our aging-in-place project. The mighty oak tree that was cut three months ago, and has sat in our yard since that day, has been hauled away to the compost facility. You can see the video of it on Facebook. Eddie, the project supervisor who drove the truck, said it weighed in at 7000 pounds.

The Brick is Laid

We also made a huge step forward when the masons came and finished up the brick on the garage. It looks wonderful and gives us hope that the project is shaping up as we had envisioned.


Picture of Brick on Garage


Oh No! A Septic Tank

We had a temporary setback last week, when the plumbers came to connect the lines to the street and discovered that the old septic tank had not been removed. At the time our home was built, it was outside the city limits, and all the houses on our street had septic tanks and wells. When our neighborhood was incorporated into the city, the former owner of our home, apparently neglected to remove the septic tank, and instead, ran the new line right through it. Everything came to a halt while we waited to have the septic tank drained, broken apart, and removed. Meanwhile, a huge hole in our front yard threatened to gobble up anyone who came near it. Fortunately, no one succumbed.

Hole with septic tankHole with septic tank

Finally, on Monday of this week, the tank was removed, the inspector approved the plumbing work, and the hole was covered up! Surely the worst is behind us and we’re moving into the home stretch.

Stay tuned for more on the aging-in-place project as it draws nearer to completion.



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