Rising Above It is Ready in Print!

Rising Above It is Ready in Print!

Book Cover and Digital cover of Rising Above It

Five Days Early

I was surprised this morning to receive word from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that Rising Above It is now ready in print. That’s five days before the September 17 release date. The Kindle version still releases on the original date.

It may take a few days for all of the features to appear. However, the book is available to purchase for $12.99 at https://amzn.to/2kkm7We.

A Sweet Story of Love, Loss, and Survival, with a Murder Mystery to Boot

Set in South Carolina, at the beginning of the Great Depression, Rising Above It is a sweet story of love, loss, and survival. It even has a subplot that delves into the mysterious murder of Sam Willis, Sheriff of Greenville County, in 1927.

The fourth novel in my Barton Family Series, it revolves around the life of the main character, Hattie Robinson Barton, as she seeks to rise above her personal and financial loss.

Coming of Age Stories

Hattie's Place by Kathy Stillerman Book CoverCover of In the Fullness of Time|Katherine P. Stillerman|Historical Fiction

In the first novel, Hattie’s Place, the reader meets Hattie Robinson in 1906, and follows her through her breakup with first love,Will Kendrick. It also follows her through her first year of teaching and her marriage to prominent businessman and attorney, Charles Barton.

The second novel, In the Fullness of Time, portrays Hattie as a young bride, who must reconcile her responsibilities as a wife and mother with her passion for the woman’s suffrage movement, 1913-1920, and with her lingering feelings for Will.

Set in the Civil Rights and Cold War Era

The third novel, Over the Mountain, skips a generation. It follows Hattie’s granddaughter, Harriet Oechsner, as her family moves to the highly affluent community of Mountain Brook, Alabama, 1961-1963.  There she navigates through her junior and senior years in high school, amidst the climate of the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War.

Can Be Read in Sequence or Stand Alone

Sequentially, Rising Above It fits between Fullness of Time and Over the Mountain. The books are best read in that order; however, each is a stand alone story.

To find out more, check out my author page on Amazon at amazon.com/author/katherinestillerman

Purchase Now and Start Reading!

If you’re a fan of twentieth century historical fiction with strong female characters, you’ll love The Barton Family Series. 

Purchase here and get started on a series of stories you won’t be able to put down!





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