Women’s History Month–Valiant Women of the Vote

Women’s History Month–Valiant Women of the Vote


March is Women’s History Month! Here’s What we’ll be blogging about:

  • We’ll continue the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of women in the United States winning the right to vote.
  • We’ll remember the Women’s Parade of March 3, 1913 through the eyes of fictional characters like Hattie Barton and Alice Barton Rivers.
  • We’ll track the progress of the Nineteenth Amendment. Two states will ratify this month.  The tally will reach thirty-five, with only one state to go.
  • We’ll feature some of the Valiant Women of the Vote and their contributions–women like Carrie Chapman Catt and Lucy Burns.
  • We’ll talk about Alice Paul’s strategy of holding the party in power accountable.
  • We’ll honor the women who fought for the vote and would not be denied!

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